Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rian Johnson On The Brothers Bloom

Here's something from Brick director Rian Johnson, re: film ick's earlier posts about The Brothers Bloom.

Good speculation indeed - the plot does revolve around the brothers final con, which they pull on a woman named Penelope. I might be getting into dangerously pretentious territory here, but there is an additional thematic hint to the whole thing: the younger brother is named Bloom, the older is Stephen.


The R2 2-Disc DVD of Brick is just a few weeks away, and I for one can't wait.


Mark said...

So it's referencing Joyce's ULYSSES rather than Homer's ODYSSEY?

Brendon said...

Certainly seems that way.

I hope he can pull this off - I have no reason to expect he can't. I wait with baited breath.