Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TV 2007

I think, quite honestly, that the second season of House was the best TV to be had this year so far. Nice then that the series co-creator (and, more importantly than you might think pilot episode director) Bryan Singer is going to ABC to launch three new shows.

Want more? Well, Guillermo del Toro is reportedly setting something up for Fox - though it isn't confirmed if he is directing any of it, even a pilot. My Name Is Earl's producers have promised a tighter, brighter second season. Veronica Mars is getting tidied up into shorter, more manageable arcs. Darren Aranofsky has a show coming from HBO.

And, best of all, but at this stage nothing more than rumour, is the return, somehow, somewhere, sometime, of Special Agent Dale Cooper.

We know the second season of Twin Peaks is now very, very close to a DVD release - expect it before Christmas - so I dare say this Cooper project will hang in limbo until sales figures for the boxset are in. That hasn't stopped the rumours swelling up, however. I'm sure some kind of preliminary discussions have taken place to give rise to this gossip.

If the series does happen - I certainly hope it does because I simply can't tell you how much I loved the good episodes of Twin Peaks - then maybe, hopefully, it will be just what David Lynch needs right now.

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