Monday, August 14, 2006

Want To Tell Disney Pixar Off?

When Cars comes to R1 DVD in November it will be as an extras-light single disc package. This isn't the typical Pixar way, so we can expect a double dip at some point - an after they shift a trillion units for Xmas, no doubt.

The eventual 2-Disc release is guaranteed to be more tempting that an a pair of Olive-Oiled whorefeet after 40 days in the desert but should we really be made to wait for it? And many of us, perhaps, tricked into purchasing the film twice?

I expect this was part of the reasoning behind shifting the Pixar releases into summer slots from here on out.

There's an e-petition online now attempting to pressurise Buena Vista into releasing both versions of Cars (or all three or four if you count the 'full'-screen and widescreen flavours) at once. Sign it, please do - just don't expect it to work.

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