Friday, August 18, 2006

The White Hotel

David Lynch was very interested in filming DM Thomas' novel The White Hotel. Apparently so were Cronenberg, Kubrick, Almodovar and Jodorowsky.

It tells the tale of Sigmund Freud's famous case study Anna G, an Opera singer who suffers from mysterious dreams of the titular white hotel. The plot also includes her apparent prophecies, in one of which she even managed to foretell the Holocaust.

The film is at last to go into production with Simon Monjack directing. Lynch, Kubrick... Monjack? He's in good company, suddenly, but who is he?

Not the most exciting director in the world, unfortunately. Monjacks' film Two Days, Nine Lives is a kind of Breakfast Club in rehab, and it stars Luke Goss, formerly of Bros. So far so potentially ho-hum, I suppose, but the film does take a terrifying dip into legendary dreadfulness when Goss performs a duet with young Sienna Guillory. Their rendition of "The Addiction Centre Blues" is the kind of surrealist cinematic disaster only a Snakes on a Plane fanatic could love.

The White Hotel begins filming in a couple of months, and the cast and crew's tour of duty will take in Prague, Milan and Latvia (wot no Vienna?)

Expect a low-key release somewhere in 2008. Here's hoping Goss gets the role of Freud.

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