Monday, September 11, 2006

Film Ick Fatigue

You may have noticed that over the last week or so, my number of blog entries has fallen considerably.

I'm bored, basically.

I look at the film news out there, and so little of it is exciting. In fact, none of it is actually exciting at all. Not since the possibility of Terry Gilliam and Dave McKean collaborating on a big, lush graphic novel of The Defective Detective have I heard a single enticing, alluring, thrilling or invigorating piece of film news. That was over a week ago.

This weekend, Little Miss Sunshine came out in UK cinemas. That's exciting - but it's hardly news. Do go see it, though - and don't bother with Right At Your Door, it's quite ridiculous and often very stupid indeed.

So, I might be falling a little quieter now. Until I find something I really want to write about... something that isn't just a rehash of a Variety story, or just a titbit of Cinematical or Dark Horizons still press-release, I don't know exactly how much I can be bothered.


sledge said...

sad to hear that Brendon.
There gotta be summat going on out there !

Anonymous said...

With that attitude you're clearly on the fast track to success.

This is exactly why blogs are such a joke. The people writing them are self-serving, lazy bastards who are only in it for themselves and don't care a whit about their readers.

That's alright, you won't be missed. You steal all your stories from other people and never credit them anyway.

Good riddance. The less you post the better.

Brendon said...

Er... okay, 'Anonymous', either you want me to post - or you don't.

If the people who supply me stories ask for a credit, they get one; if they ask to not be credited, they won't be.

Just read thorugh the pieces and see the various credits I hand out: the very next post after this refers to, then very soon the story from Cartoon Brew is credited too... the items in between were not sourced from web pages, rather from e-mails sent to me.

Regarding your comment about blogs being a joke - here's my advice. Subscribe to the ones you want via RSS or e-mail subscription. That way, there's no work on your part to keep checking in, and anything new finds it's way to you pretty quickly. Can't say fairer than that, can I?

If you don't want to read film ick, then don't. If you want to subscribe, make your life easier, then subscribe.