Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Small Favour To Ask

If you visit the iKlipz front page today (perhaps you'll have to click "skip intro" to get past their opening animation) and look down in the bottom right corner, you'll see there's a box headed Programmer's Pick.

It also says: John vs. Laura - The first "Member" film to become and "Industry" player.

Under that it says: Directed by Brendon Connelly. That's me.

And there's a picture of John and Laura, in the film, playing the characters of... well, John and Laura.

Please, please tell everybody you know. Please get them to come to iKlipz and see my film. Everybody. It's a very short film, so they don't have to make a big time investment.

The people who have seen the film already really do like it -lots - but I'd love for the film to get seen by as many people as possible. This really is my big chance to do so. You can help right away by simply pasting the link onto every messageboard you go to, or putting it on your blog, or telling your friends, or stashing it in your e-mail signature for a week.

I'll be eternally grateful.


Donnyph said...

at the begining i saw with surprise that what your called "your movie" wasn't really one ,and the general ambiance not giving envy to watch to the end
But, i watched it entirely, and finnaly ,like many probably i have been surprise par the end !
A really good idea !

next time you should try someting a little bit more "confident" in his general style.

Something more interesting that two people making package BUT in keeping this sense of humor !

I'm curious to see what you will did next time ^^

Me too ,i'm preparing a project of short movie, but my ideas are a little too big for a man who never film anything elsethat this hollydays and who have as a cam a simple Canon min dv cam lol ^^
But hope make live ^^

See ya soon,

Erik said...

Dug the short. Good stuff. Also, thanks for the Alan Moore interview. Always interesting to see him. I'm an actor in a web series called "Something To Be Desired". Check us out at