Friday, September 15, 2006


Jesus' face appears in the beer foam on the side of a pint glass and the caption reads "Where will you find him?"

Do I know the man responsible for this advertisement? The man who set up the associated My Space account and had then developed the basic idea in the first place?

Surely not.

Kudos for all of the column inches, sir.

Here's the BBC's What The Papers Say on the campaign:

Finally, most of the papers report on a controversial new advertising campaign to encourage church-going this Christmas. The Times explains the advert shows the face of Jesus on an empty beer glass with the caption: "Where will you find him?"

Critics said the advert was in bad taste, while the Churches Advertising Group says the poster illustrates the spiritual emptiness of the traditional party season. The paper explores "the worldwide trend of finding holy images in everyday objects including the image of Jesus on a fish finger, the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich and Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun".

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