Saturday, October 28, 2006

Elephant Parts And Two Crispin Glovers

Director William Dear has one of the oddest resumes in the business.

On the one hand, there's stuff like Harry/Bigfoot and the Hendersons, an episode of Amazing Stories and Santa Who? with Leslie Neilsen.

On the other hand, there's Elephant Parts and Doctor Duck's Super Secret All Purpose Sauce, off-the-wall collages of comedy sketches and proto-music video shorts cooked up with Michael Nesmith and featuring Bobcat Goldthwait.

And then, on the other other hand, there's Northville Cemetery Massacre and the upcoming Simon Says.

For the record, I would think Dear is much more a workaday hack than a committed artist of the cinema - but I do mean that in the best possible sense. We all have to work, anyway.

Starring in Simon Says is Crispin Glover, in the dual roles of Stanley and the titular Simon. They're twins, and I think just from the information I've presented so far, you might make the reasonable assumption one of them - most likely Simon - is just a figment of the other's imagination.

But I do hope not.

Double Crispin Glover should mean this film gives good value for money because a single dose generally means a movie at least comes close. Robyn Lively, formerly of Twin Peaks, also makes an appearance, as does somebody called Chris Cunningham, though sadly not that Chris Cunningham.

Twitch are reporting that the film is playing at this year's AFM - anybody's guess if it will find any significant form of distribution. In the meantime, they also provided a link to a trailer. What do you think - does it support my wild stab at predicting a 'twist' or not?

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