Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meet The Robinsons - Again

Coming Soon have run the new one sheet for Disney's Meet The Robinsons, which you can see above (and click on to make much bigger), as well as a number of new pieces of character art, which you cannot.

This is the second CG film produced at Disney, after Chicken Little, and will again be released in 'Disney 3D' - really the brilliant Real D process with a self-promoting alias. This time round the plan has been for 3D all along so perhaps the effect will be better integrated, or just maybe there'll be a few silly "Look! Whooo-ooo! Comin' Atcha!" moments.

It is also the first Disney Animation film since the Disney-Pixar Buyout-Merger, and as such, the general level of storytelling is expected to be significantly higher, with plenty of rumours surfacing about page one rewrites and a happy Pixar axe swinging through the original script and storyboards. All for the better, I think. This looks very promising, if not Ratatouille exciting.

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