Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hostel 2 Trailer Tonight

Hopefully somebody will soon find a way to link YouTube directly to a TiVo and cut out the middle-man, get these lovely little bits and pieces of stolen TV up online all the quicker.

At some point tonight, MTV are to premiere the trailer for Hostel 2 - before it rolls out in cinemas with Saw 3 this weekend. The trailer premiere for Hostel 2 and Tim Burton's Bones - MTV is the place to be today. I'm hoping to see both on the web before bedtime - if you spot either, please send me links.

The Hostel 2 trailer, it has been confirmed, is entirely in German. I'm assuming this is due to all of the characters in the scenes being shown being German speakers, thought it may yet be some kind of overdub, for a reason I can't quite guess.

Hostel 2 is up there with Rataouille, Be Kind Rewind, Death Proof and Spider-Man 3 as my most keenly anticipated films of next year. Sure, they're all American(ish) - what you gonna do about it?

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