Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Heart Belongs To Auntie But Tim Burton's Bones Belong To Channel 4

This Sunday night at 9pm, the last ever Royle Family will be airing on BBC1. The episode - an hour long, set some six years since we last visited that tatty living room - is called The Queen of Sheba and I'm picking up the vibe that Liz Smith's Nana is going to be more in focus than ever before.

And die at the end, most likely. That was a spoiler. Perhaps. I spotted the twists coming in The Sixth Sense, The Village and The Usual Suspects, so I've got a good track record - but, well, excse me if I'm wrong because I've got very little to go on here (a title, about three seconds of footage and a still image in The Radio Times).

Later that night, at 10.15, they'll also be showing a tribute show to the series in which it's various celebrity fans pay homage. I'm not on there - why not?

Okay. Fair enough. I see their point.

And then on Tuesday night the BBC will be marking Halloween with a screening of... Halloween. It kicks off at 11.45pm, which is perfect really, because that means you'll be able to watch Channel 4's special scoop of the evening at 11.40 and turn directly over once it's done for a fairly seamless transition.

So, what's this scoop? Well, Channel 4 have another of their music video exclusives, this time for the next single from The Killers. What's special here, though, is that this video is the first promo clip from Tim Burton. The track is called Bones, and from what I've heard is a little overblown. Seems they got the right guy for the job.

I mentioned that Burton was directing this video before my... er... sabbatical. Finally, next week, we'll get to see what he's managed. Fingers crossed.

[EDIT: The video will get it's Stateside premiere almost a week earlier. As of tomorrow, Wednesday 25th October, the Bones clip will be in rotation on MTV, MTV2 and MTVU for the sweet delectation of America - the swines]

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