Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spider-Man Toys: Like Hitchcock All Over Again

A number of pictures of the upcoming Spider-Man 3 tie-in toys have been appearing, then disappearing again, from a number of 'cool' and not-so-'cool' websites. Here's what I could find this morning - the unpainted Venom close-up having suddenly become rather hard to track down.

It's odd, and perhaps sad, that the only news I have to report on what will surely be one of next year's best films is some pictures of toys - but that's the deal with Spider-Man movies, I guess.

They aren't taken seriously by a lot of the critical community, but then, neither was, say, Hitchcock at one point. And why? The same reasons the Spider-Man films will be dismissed - b
eing accessible and populist, mainly.

Spider-Man 3 (the best film of 2007?) will finally be released next May. Can't wait.

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