Sunday, November 12, 2006

5-25-77 Versus Fanboys

Two movies about roadtripping Star Wars fans are imminent. Fanboys has the Weinsteins behind it, the other, 5-25-77 (renamed 25-5-77 for the UK?) was produced by Gary Kurtz. Do we really need one of these films, let alone two?

Oh, why the hell not.

The trailer for
Fanboys has now landed online, while over in the 5-25-77 camp, everything has been very quiet for months. A little update on the film's official blog might put minds at rest.

This weird hush suggests that
5-25-77 isn't very good at all - but don't go assuming that Fanboys is. Not just yet anyway.

On the basis of the stills above alone it would seem that
Fanboys has what it takes to succeed at the box office - having said which, of course, I no longer have to label the images.

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