Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bridget Jones 3

Reports are dribbling in of a third Bridget Jones film, based on Helen Fielding's in-the-works new book. Apparently, Cleaver and Darcy are still on hand and the romantic to-and-froing of parts one and two is still in the spotlight, but this time we pick up with Bridget a full ten years later. The Daily Express might not be renowned for their accurate reportage, certainly when it comes to entertainment, but they're not alone in carrying this story so I'm laying off on the salt this time.

Working Title optioned the book sight unseen, of course, and reportedly already started their negotiations with Ms. Zellweger and Messrs. Grant and Firth. No director is attached, but if Richard Curtis doesn't do at least one draft of the script I'll eat Werner Herzog's shoe.

The Olivia Joules movie appears to have stalled for good, however. Shame - I wanted to see it made with the same cast as the Bridget Jones movies.


Sledge said...

NOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This will be amazing, I have just watched 1 and 2 and can't wait for a 3rd. I love everything about these movies. Helen Fielding is fabulous and the actors are amazing. Couldn't imagine anyone could do it better.