Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poltergeist Remake?

Bloody Disgusting are declaring that Poltergeist is to be remade. There have been many rumours of this in the last year or two - presumably as development was under way and the film went through various script drafts and producers. I didn't invest much stock in any of them, parly because I'm not too fussed about the first film anyway.

I've seen Hilary Duff mentioned for the Carole Ann role, which ages the character somewhat from the Tobe Hooper version but does put things in line with what is known about the 'real' phenomenae of poltergeists, I suppose. The reports bubbling up right now have none of the original cast involved, and the Kayeri script that was previously being touted is apparently no longer in the frame.

This is going to take an interesting director or scriptwriter to make me pay much more attention, I'm afraid. How about Takashi Shimizu? Alexandre Aja? Eli Roth? I doubt it. What's the betting this ends up the debut of a dazzlingly mediocre music video director?

Thanks to Al (can I call you Al?) for the heads up.

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