Monday, November 27, 2006

Dali Disney DVD

Coming soon from Disney DVD is the so-called Disney Legacy collection. A set of DVDs released in strictly limited editions with swanky packaging, these are, effectively, Disney Treasures mk 2.

The old Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons are to be in the first batch of animated releases, now that he's been liberated from the steel hutch at Universal. Alongside these will be Destino, the legendary collaboration between Salvador Dali and Disney animation. This film was eventually completed in 2003, after being on hold for decades. If I'm correct it has received only a handful of festival screenings, but it was generally well received.

The idea of Dali/Disney pulling together is a very appealling one, even if neither of them is pulling at full steam - just like Hitchcock/Dali in the Spellbound dream sequence. Picasso/Disney too, or Warhol/Disney or even Pollock/Disney - though none of those were ever to be. Perhaps for many people, this is just the idea of Picasso or Warhol or Pollock or DuChamp or Magritte or Whoever getting animated, Disney's own style being much less relevant to the equation than the simple fact that they bring still images to life? If so, I think this is a criminal underestimation of the value of Disney style, skill and crafstmanship.

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Sledge said...

Oswald looks very similar to Mickey, now that is lucky.