Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hostel 3 Confirmed

I'd been hearing about this for a while, from various semi-dubious sources, but a new article in Variety confirms that the Hostel series is to run to three episodes and become that oh-so-marketable, DVD-box set commodity, the trilogy.

The piece is ostensibly about how shooting in the Czech Republic made producing the series' parts 1 and 2 cheap and, frankly, easy. There's the odd bit of
Hostel 2 news, and then, finally, a toss away line about Hostel 3:

Hostel 3 is all but signed as well, to possibly follow Roth's next shoot, Stephen King's The Cell, although Hostel 2's release date will affect timing, Roth says.

The Cell? Tut tut.

From what I've heard, the idea for a third Hostel was born during the writing of part 2, the script for which does incorporate the odd bit of set-up for the final episode. I hope part 2 turns out to have an Empire Strikes Back style downbeat conclusion - and from the big, big twist I've been told is coming, that doesn't sound so unlikely.


Anonymous said...

... I can't decide if that's a yay or not. I love Hostel, I love Eli Roth, but part 3 of anything generally sucks.

(Unless it's Nightmare on Elm Street.)

Anonymous said...

If anyone could make a decent movie out of THE CELL, it'd be Roth. Ignore the book bar the premise, and just make a rockin' zombie movie.