Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Distribution Details For Inland Empire

It was reported last month that David Lynch was to distribute his three hour folly Inland Empire to US cinemas all by himself. Indeed, the job will be half done by Absurda, his own distribution company - but not without the help of 518 Media. Why can't 518 Media do the job alone? Or is this a cost-share - that is risk-share - operation? I guess money poured down the drain shared is money poured down the drain halved.

Rhino Entertainment got the best deal, however, by picking up the rights to distribute the film on DVD. That's where it can't fail. Why didn't Lynch get half in bed with them too?

Lynch is excited to be distributing the film himself, even talking about meeting cinema owners, those typically at the other end of the film food chain from filmmakers. Of course, chances are he'll only be meeting the heads of chains, and anybody with a little lone indie joint is going to be waiting a while longer before they get their Eraserhead posters signed.

No, I've not seen Inland Empire, and yes, I am judging it without giving it the fair chance of a screening, which is worng of me, I admit - but let's face facts. If this film winds up as anything other than the worst of Lynch's career* I'll eat Werner Herzog's shoe.

*Assuming Dune isn't really part of Lynch's career, which I know many of you like to do.

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