Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Go Go Comicbook Goth Kids

A couple of completely unrelated stories, aside from the obvious comic book links:

One. There's going to be a series of Childs Play comic books. Or, more to the point, Chucky comic books. If they're half as good as Ronny Yu's Bride of Chucky they'll be... well, not bad, not great, just okay. That's probably an optimistic expectation.

Two. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance - the sort of band only a teenager could love - had lunch this week with Grant Morrison. Apaprently, Way has a comic out next year called The Umbrella Academy and so, somehow, he set up a meeting with Morrison to 'get some tips.' Apparently, Morrison's run on Doom Patrol was a key influence on Way's Academy book - with The Royal Tennebaums and the 'experience of being in a rock band on the road' thrown into the mix. Sounds catastrophic. Did Grant get paid to go to this lunch? Did he owe somebody a favour?

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Mark said...

Supposedly, Way was an intern at Vertigo a few years back, before rock stardom beckoned. Plus, I hear the grillroom at Club 29 is very good.

Dunno about the vegetarian option, though.