Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Elliot Gould Talks Altman

Elliott Gould is one of the best things in the films of Robert Altman. In fact, the many Altman films without him are significantly worse than those few with. The NPR website has an audio segment of the actor recalling the recently deceased director.


sledge said...

I were watching the Man Utd game last night when a friend texted me the news.
Straight to the web and was a bit miffed at the small amount of webspace dedictaed to the man who gave us MASH, Nashville and Dr. T.
(I wasnt a great fan of Gosford Park - I know, I'm the only one !)

Brendon said...

No, you're not. That film is vastly overrated, but not by everyone.

There's more problems with that film than I could ever care to list here.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Gould/Altman team, esp. THE LONG GOODBYE.