Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nerds Nixed

After the (supposedly) temporary freeze on production last month, Fox Atomic have now completely ceased production of their Revenge of the Nerds remake. Variety claim that Peter Rice, the sub-studio-come-imprint's head honcho swung the axe as he was displeased with the rushes seen so far, and that to him the film was looking 'too small'.

Now, for a studio to bin a film after two weeks of filming, all of preproduction and some significant development outlay, something must be seriously rotten. Why this couldn't just be finished and shoved out on DVD at least, I don't know. If Fox Atomic honestly think the average Hollywood Video punter knows the ins and outs of a movie's making, so that these production troubles might have caused a significant drop in rentals then, clearly, they have to think again. Sadly, factors as inane as the title or cover image are always the principal selling tool when there are no name stars involved.

I suspect the move is somewhat more political in nature and has little or nothing to do with the rushes at all. I swear, these backstabbing, double dealing, power hungry, wheedling executives would cut off their own noses to spite their leathery faces.

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