Thursday, November 02, 2006

Homeless Nerds

The Nerd revolution will not be televised... not for a little while longer, at least. Fox Atomic's retread of Revenge of the Nerds was due to begin filming on October 9th, but bad news came just a few days before. Emory University in Atlanta had agreed to allow filming on campus, but now they were reneging and the production would need to find a new location. Reportedly, they found the material planned for shooting to be rather too near the knuckle.

Other local colleges were scouted, but nothing came to be, and now, the film has been placed on indefinite hiatus. What happens next is anybody's guess but, according to Variety at least, next August's release is still on the cards.

There must be somewhere in the poorer corners of the US they can all decamp to?

Earlier this year, Cleveland's Euclid Avenue stood in for a couple of blocks of New York when Spider-Man 3's second unit came to town - much to my joy, as I got to lurk on set for a few days. I'm sure you know Cleveland isn't the most prosperous city in the US, but all of those empty storefronts actually proved to be an asset for the Spidey production design team. The big cash injection was much welcomed, spirits were lifted by the visiting crew and I hoped a precedent would be set so that plenty more productions would pile into Cleveland.

So how about Revenge of the Nerds heading to Northeast Ohio? They wouldn't sniff at all those location fees - no matter how risque the script. And, from taking a virtual tour of Emory University online, I'm sure Case Western would certainly look the part - if just a little scaled down.

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