Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kevin Smith Versus Ray Burdis

Kevin Smith is to appear in Manchild, the American remake of... er... Manchild, the BBC 2 show in which Anthony Stuart Head and Nigel Havers looked almost their age for once.

Smith's part is that of Paul, who according to The Hollywood Reporter is 'the cynic of the group'. There's no Paul on the UK show, so I don't know who his direct equivalent was but, at a pinch, I'd guess Ray Burdis. I'm basing this on their posture.

No, really.

Other points of comparison: Burdis is an even worse film director than Kevin Smith, but unlike Smith, his scripts stink too.

Here are my guesses for how the rest shakes out: Paul Hipp instead of Don Warrington; James Purefoy instead of Nigel Havers; John Corbett instead of Anthony Stuart Head.

I guess this puts production of Smith's proposed horror film off for a few months at least. Are you bothered?

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