Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Plot Of War Games 2

Production Weekly have not only announced the star of War Games 2 - some chap called Matt Lanter from NBC's Heroes - they've summarised the plot in their own inimitable style.

Inimitable, sure - but cut and pastable.

Lanter plays computer hacker Will Farmer begins to play an online terrorist-attack simulation game against government super-computer Ripley, he’s in way over his head - because Ripley is actually a complex piece of spyware, designed to ferret out potential terrorists and scoop them up. Only Ripley is a paranoid nutjob who’s hell-bent on placing pretty much everyone on Earth in a 3×3 cell, lest they turn unpredictably hostile.

I think this film should be called Ripley's Game. No, really. I do. And John Malkovich should play the computer.

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Theo Van Gogh said...

Of course it's the American Supercomputer (read: Americans) that are the enemy; not the throngs of theocratic murderers "hell-bent" on placing everyone on Earth in a burkha or atop a prayer mat... or cut their throats trying.