Wednesday, November 01, 2006

M. Night Shyamalan's Hostel Part Two?

Funny what answers you get when you just happen to ask the right question. Sometimes you might wander into a real piece of movie gossip gold. Spoilery gold too, no less.

A friend and I were discussing the recent Hostel 2 set report from Aint It Cool News. That 'Quint' chap wrote it (whoever he is) and he gave away any number of intriguing details including, I think, a few more than he intended to - or perhaps even realised. I read between the lines and then put some of my theories to a friend - who promptly went off and put them to their friend and, I believe, they went on in a hurry to share these theories with a friend of theirs. Then the news started to travel backwards... and eventually it came home to me.

And I was told that one of my theories was 'Pretty much on the money, more or less'. I'd worked out - if not just guessed - a key piece of the Hostel 2 puzzle.

Now, I can't really reveal to you who my friend is, nor their friend - and I don't even know who the next link in the chain is, but I do know my conjugations ended up reaching somebody who was in an honest position to confirm or deny. And amazingly, they confirmed.

I don't know how much of my theory is accurate - 'more or less' implies that there's some detail or two I've overlooked or simply gotten wrong - but I do know that I'm going to have to issue a full-on spoiler warning before I share it with you. You wouldn't want it any other way.

So here's your spoiler warning. Read on at your peril.

Okay. Hostel 2. We get inside the 'torture building', sooner or later. It's a lot more secure than the previous one was, with more guards, a CCTV system and heavy duty security measures locking off the corridors. It wouldn't be easy to get out. It's totally cut off from the outside world - even getting in is a lot more difficult than it was before. So - think about it - we don't really know where we are, do we? The characters are rendered unconsious then brought back around when already in the complex. Both the characters and viewers will assume we're still in Eastern Europe...

Remember the end of Shyamalan's The Village? Where suddenly, we're in a completely different world to the one we expected? Now - I'm not claiming that this torture centre is on Mars, or in the future, or anything goofy like that... just that... well, this is a global chain. Supplies are going to be needed all over the world, and I don't think there's a corner of the globe in which people wouldn't run a business like this if it was going to make them money.

Let's leave it at that for now. I think you can catch my drift.

Hostel 2 is due in the spring, but the genius teaser trailer is online right now. Could part two possibly be better than the first?


Logan said...

not to disapoint you
but the idea of a world chain of "torture hostel" has always been the start plot for a sequel

It's never been à hidden thing
I'm a little bit surprise

Brendon said...

Yeah, but, you've missed the point. I was trying to be subtle, but... I'll spell it out a bit more.


What if the girls are abducted in Europe but when they come round they're in, well... say London? Or Dallas? We don't find this out until any survivors spring the trap at the end.

See what I was driving at now?


Sammy said...

thats a lame twist

Sammy said...

thats a lame twist

Anonymous said...

pftt... are you freaking stupid? what kind of stupid spoiler is this? what a retard!!!

Anonymous said...

This was posted last November and presented as speculation and rumour - take it as that and stop calling people retard. Wat good is calling people retard ?

Anonymous said...

Here is the spoiler:
One of the American Toture Tourists finds out he has tortured and murdered his own daughter and THEN, the escapees stumble out into a Walmart in West Virgina.

Damn, I'm good...

Anonymous said...

One of the American torture tourists finds out he has tortured and murdered his own daughter.
Then the escapees stumble out of a stock room in a West Virginia Walmart.