Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maguire Giving Up Peter Parker For Daughter?

To cut a long story short, the thrust is simply this: WENN are reporting that Tobey Maguire is considering retirement from the Spider-Man films, and presumably other films too, to spend more time with his new daughter Rose.

They quote him saying "This might be a good place to stop - I am not tied contractually to any more Spider-Man movies. I am not completely closed to the idea of another one if it made sense but I would say the odds were in favour of this being the last one."

No mention of Rose there, then - so I guess WENN we're being a little presumptious? Besides, with such little context, who knows when he gave this interview? We'll only know if and when there is going to be a fourth Spider-Man when Sony announce it.

Old interviews being mistaken for new has caused a few online confusions lately - Saul Zaentz apparently speaking after Peter Jackson though he'd actually gone on the record first; Eva Green discussing speculative Golden Compass/Northern Lights casting then getting quoted on it after other, contrary casting had taken place; Empire going to print with Tim Burton casting doubt on Sacha Baron Cohen's involvement in Sweeny Todd even though, in the meantime, Cohen has formally signed. Pay attention: magazines have a long lapse between an interview being conducted and some geek cut and pasting it online, so typically, the magazine interview is no longer as valid, if at all.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Tobey's hanging up the tights. He was an adequate Peter Parker but I personally think there are actors out there who are better suited to play the Peter Parker people see in the comics each month ie. a fun, charismatic, handsome smartass. Come to think of it, they should also send Kirsten Dunst to the glue factory while they're at it. She got bored with this franchise at the end of the first Spider-man and it shows in all her subsequent performances.