Thursday, November 30, 2006

Michael Palin To Make No More Movies

Michael Palin finds moviemaking boring - really, which actor doesn't? - and his fans got to hear why at a signing event in London this week.

"Filming involves sitting around in a caravan for rive hours – in complete luxury – reading every property magazine around; only to be told you won’t be needed that day. I haven’t the patience for that."

His travelling man TV shows don't put him off so much, however:
"On the journeys, we only have seven people, plus a few more back in the office, and we’re working from sunlight until seven, eight o’clock at night. So we’re incredibly busy but we also get almost total control of the programme."

Another potential Terry Gilliam project goes into the dumpster, then, because I suppose Palin's lack of interest kills Water Music stone dead.

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