Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Son Of Rambow Poster

And there it is, the premiere airing of the Son of Rambow poster as supplied to me by Hammer and Tongs. You can't deny how brilliantly striking it is, can you? And it gets bigger if you click on it, don't you know.

Nick Goldsmith, the film's producer, tells me of the poster "please note it is only temp, but we love it anyway!" Me too.

Not only am I hoping to get the next - and any subsequent versions - of the poster to premiere here at film ick, I'll certainly do my best to get some stills. And an interview with Nick and Garth - fingers crossed. I know they're reading this, I hope they'll oblige.

I'm hearing that Son of Rambow will be released in the UK during March of next year - just in time for my birthday, maybe. Perfect.

For more on the film, check out some of my old Son of Rambow stories.

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