Monday, November 20, 2006

The Spirit - In The Flesh

Rich Johnston scores some nifty news at times. I asked him how and what did he say? By being Rich Johnston, is all. He had that Alan Moore in The Simpsons story days before it broke online... but, sadly, Rich only publishes one column a week. So who got to tell you Moore was gonna go yellow and four fingered? Everyone else but Rich.

Today he's got his hands on the cover to Frank Miller's treatment for the movie take on Will Eisner's The Spirit. I promised him I'd steal it and run it here, so now I have. For the record, I'd be much more keen on seeing a Brad Bird version than a Frank Miller one - and not just because Brad Bird must feel sick to his stomach just contemplating a Batman versus Osama Bin Laden smackdown.

Be courteous in ways I wouldn't: go visit Rich in person at Lying in the Gutters - at least to see what you can nick.

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