Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tideland 2-Disc DVD On UK Shelves January 29th

Revolver have formally announced the release of Terry Gilliam's Tideland as a 2-Disc special edition DVD set on January 29th 2007. If you ask me, that day can't come soon enough.

What will you find on the discs? Simply put, fried gold.

First of all, there's Vincenzo Natali's feature length film
Getting Gilliam. Natali also directed Cube, Cypher and Nothing, as well as the superb short Elevated - each and every one of which is wonderful (particularly Nothing, I have to say). Getting Gilliam would be well worth shelling out for in it's own right.

There's plenty more, too: a collection of behind the scenes footage; filmed interviews with the actors: Jeff Bridges, Jodelle Ferland, Jennifer Tilly, Janet McTeer and Brendon Fraser; Gilliam's special introduction to the film; a filmed interview with the man himself; and, fingers crossed, a director's commentary.

I'm crossing my fingers as the commentary hasn't been 100% confirmed as yet, being listed as TBC on the press release I have here, but I'm sure banking on it. As soon as it
is confirmed, I'll let you know.

The RRP will be £19.99 but if you find any good deals - online or otherwise - please list them in the comments below. I'll post an update on the best prices as we approach the release date. And a lucky few of you will also be able to win some copies from this very blog - so stay tuned for that.

Tideland is about to hit the medium where it will truly find it's audience. On DVD the film will be endlessly rewatchable, and believe me, it only gets better and better with every viewing. Like so many of Gilliams films before, this one is going to see it's reputation bloom as the months and years go by - and what a better way to blossom than with this very well-appointed DVD.

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trgz said...

Play, Blah and Choices.co.uk are all listing it at £14.99 though Play seem to think that it's not due for release until 2009