Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time Travel Blog

Jamie Mathieson is the screenwriter of Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel, the new "three men walk into a pub"/sci-fi comedy film being produced by the beeb and HBO. Mathieson is keeping a blog, and I think it looks set to be one of the more interesting online production diaries. It's a minor - and very recently developed ambition of mine - to get a mention, and possibly link, on this blog.

The film stars a bunch of English blokes and Anna Faris, and frankly, as good as the guys are, she's the only one with a chance of getting this thing a profile overseas. I like her a lot, and I hope this is a better film than most of the "comedies" she has been landed with over the years. In certain circles, she might do wonders for the reputation of this film, and as far as I'm concerned, it might do wonders for hers.

As I understand it, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright were in the very, very early stages of development on a time travel comedy film - and they certainly have a penchant for setting scenes in pubs... Sounds like they may have been beaten to the punch here. Back to the drawing board, boys?

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