Monday, November 20, 2006

Simon And Edgar Reteaming For Sci-Fi Film

We all know by now that after Hot Fuzz is finally polished and premiered, Edgar Wright will be heading Hollywood-ward to make his Marvel Comics adaptation Ant Man... but what then?

Well, he still has
Scott Pilgrim on his slate (another comics adaptation), as well as Them, from Jon Ronson's book, and now we can add to this list Edgar's third film to be co-written with, and eventually starring, Simon Pegg.

So far, of course, very little is known because very little actually exists - a loose concept, jokes, fragments, notepad jottings that will one day gel into a movie. I can tell you, however, that the film is going to be sci-fi.

Compiling all of the gossip and chatter I have garnered from attendees to the various events frequented by Edgar and Simon over the last few weeks, including announcements made on stage and answers to questions by the keen fans who collared them in the corridors, a vague picture of the project has started to build up. Take it with a pinch of salt, perhaps, but there's something to this... even if we don't know just what yet.

So, putting all of this gossip together, it looks to me like Simon and Edgar are working on a time travel film - but a time travel film set entirely in the here and now. I guess it will have to work something a little like Primer but with more jokes and pop culture references.

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