Monday, November 06, 2006

Withnail And I Together Again

Richard E Grant and Paul McGann have reunited for the short film Always Crashing in the Same Car. This marks the first time the pair have appeared on screen together since Withnail & I, 20 years ago.

Always Crashing was diretced by Duncan Wellaway (who won a sort of basic BAFTA) and produced by Zoe Ball. Yep - that Zoe Ball. It was funded by Handmade films, in their new and reckless 2006 incarnation.

Here's the entire plot according to the official synopsis:

Always Crashing in the Same Car tells the story of two men, James and Bill, who are an important power team but personally hate eachother. James is driving home after a very confrontational meeting in the early hours of the morning and runs over and kills a homeless woman. He has no one to turn to except Bill, who expertly covers up the crime.

And the final twist - SPOILER ALERT!:

We discover that James is the Prime Minister and Bill is his spin doctor.

I wonder what way round they are cast?

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Bob said...

Accidents? These aren't accidents. They're throwing themselves into the road, gladly!

I need to see this. I hope Grant says something about "Making time."