Monday, November 06, 2006

Hot Fuzz Screening This Coming Weekend

A little bird has told me that a rough cut of Hot Fuzz will be screened this weekend at Collectormania, up at Manchester's G-Mex. Only a select few will be shown the film, and there's been no formal announcement - just the dawn time twitters of our (potentially lying, confused or just mental) feathered friends. For the pleb hordes who don't get into the screening, there's a chance for the typical photos-and-autographs shenanigans with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Any of you folks going?

[EDIT: The man himself, Edgar Wright has now denied that any such sceening will be taking place. Something will be going on at Collectormania, that much I'm sure of... and that's besides the bear hugs and polaroids. But according to Edgar, the actual film won't be ready for screening this side of Christmas.]

[SECOND EDIT: And now reports from a screening of Hot Fuzz that took place last week are turning up online. Well, cheers Edgar. Fibber. I wouldn't be surprised if a rough cut does screen in Manchester now.]

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