Friday, December 15, 2006


Aint It Cool have certainly got the contacts, that's for sure. They've now pulled off what I consider to be the most exciting online scoop in a long while and run a whole series of production art, test images and what appears to be one lonely still (with the sword, as seen above) from Robert Zemeckis' upcoming Beowulf. It is very encouraging, interesting and exciting stuff. Directed by Zemeckis with Neil Gaiman writing? How can this film possibly fail?

[EDIT: The full range of images are now here at film ick, having been pulled from Aint It Cool recently. They are a wonderful advertisement for the upcoming book - and, of course, the film]

[EDIT AGAIN: Of course, nobody wanted these images out there. No. That would be good for the film - and the book from which the images came. So they got heavy and I had to pull them or, essentially, pay out more money than I can ever hope to see. How foolish]


Sarthak K said...

wow...nice girl in the pic, and the scoop's awesome! Mr Brendon, you have an excellent blog. Would you like to exchange links with my filmmaking blog?

Logan said...

AICN really stard to pissed me of !!
Each time they gat a scoop ,they play cowards and remove the content of their articles !!
We're not in china or in iran !! There is no control on our INTERNET!
Seriously ,spiderman 3, they annouced venom ,with first shot ,few minutes afets ,venom was no more
Transformers ..they've got the first concept artic pics ...remove few days afters
Concep art for spiderman 3 ....removed !
Concept art for Beowulf ? removed !!
No seriously ,at this point ,AICN just become AIDN for AINT IT OLD NEWS !

Really really get angry against AICN!
I will continue to read on FILMICK ,cause unlike AIDN, you-Brendon- don't seem to be dependant from your contacts or the Majors ! And it's a kind of press liberty that i appreciate !