Friday, December 08, 2006

The Boss Of It All

Is the trailer for Lars von Trier's The Boss of it All doing the rounds of UK cinemas? I can't find it anywhere, but I have received a complete transcript of all of the trailer's dialogue.

[EDIT: The trailer is in fact online now though maybe - maybe - not the same one as the transcript below was taken from. Anybody care to translate and confirm that they are one and the same?]

Only one gag comes across clearly - to me at least - but I found it all pretty intriguing, as expected.

Of course, Lars is rallying against the passivity of typical cinemagoers at the moment with his Lookey game. Perhaps we can play with this trailer in his honour...

Read the trailer transcript below and invent your own images to make sense of the dialogue. Decide who says what, and to whom, and where, when and why. If you want to film it and You Tube it even, that'd be great. Go on: pretend you're Jorgan Leth in
The Five Obstructions.

Hi, I'm the company president. It's a big secret. A company must have a president.

I'm an actor.

That's exactly what you need.

Here he is ... The boss of it all.

Any questions?

What does the company make?


I don't stand a chance!

Good thing you can act.

Lousy acting from start to finish.

I know when a man wants me.

Male chauvinist.

Kisser, you're not in the IT business.

Neither are you!

The company outing will go on as planned. Happy now?

It's f*cking muggy!

So that's why they call you the boss of it all.

You are a b*st*rd.


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