Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Film Me, Amadeus

It seems that the cavalcade of music biopics isn’t recruiting solely from the American Hall of Fame. Variety have announced that the latest dead musician to be revived on celluloid is none other than 80s pop legend Falco. Best known for his decade-defining (and karaoke defying) hit Rock Me Amadeus, Falco (real name Hans Hoelzel) died in a tragic car accident in 1998. Since then he has been the subject of a number of tributes ranging from allusions on The Simpsons to being sampled by the Bloodhound Gang and now he is to be resurrected onscreen by actor Robert Stadlober, in an upcoming co-production from Vienna-based MR Film and Munich's Constantin Film. No doubt this will launch a minor career for the young Austrian-born actor, and a long overdue career revival for the dearly-departed German language rapper.

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