Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Worth Every Penny

So, Johnny Depp has taken another step towards an eccentric reputation by demanding not only that Pinewood Studios give him a bigger trailer than rival star Vince Vaughn, but also that they spend £20,000 dolling it up 'Moroccan style' to suit his latest fad – one acquired from ageing rocker pal Keith Richards. Naturally, no expense has been spared in keeping the star happy, as the studio knows that a happy Depp usually means money in the bank, as well a guaranteed world-class performance (note: I did say usually) - I mean, we all know that there are actors who would no doubt have chalked up a Sweeny Todd for a lot less money, but that’s hardly the point now, is it?

1 comment:

Brendon said...

I'd give Depp the whole of Morocco if it meant he'd sign on the dotted line for Good Omens.