Saturday, December 02, 2006


According to Variety, Deepak Nayer is the latest industry mover to employ new technology as a means of head-hunting filmmaking talent. Nayer is behind the new short film network website which invites visitors to sign up for a subscription membership which in turn offers them the opportunity to enter a twice monthly filmmaking competition. This competition, judged by panel of A-list talent ranging from the sublime (Werner Herzog, Neil LaBute) to the ridiculous (Paul Schrader, John Madden), offers a 3000 dollar first prize, as well as the chance to be voted film of the year. The lucky recipient of this accolade will bag themselves a feature film contract with Nayer’s production company, Duo. Fifteen bucks for a Premium Annual membership isn’t much to ask to have some industry professionals have a peek at your work. And despite speculation that the winning film will attract the kind of media circus that surrounded Bravo’s Project Greenlight, the chance to work with a producer noted for his work with Wim Wenders and David Lynch is not to be sniffed at.

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