Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hostel 2 Date And Trailer Rumour

At last we know when Hostel 2 will land - and, sadly, it isn't as soon as was expected. June 8th is the date popping up everywhere online, apparently spreading outwards from an initial scoop at Bloody Disgusting.

The curious bit is that this date seems to corroborate a rumour I've been told a couple of times, but had until now dismissed out of hand. According to this gossip, not only will Grind House feature a fake trailer from Eli Roth but also an actual, and utterly exclusive, trailer for Hostel 2. Of course, this would mean some special pact has been made between Lionsgate and the Weinsteins/Dimension but the other half of the rumour might just explain how this deal was brokered: apparently, the film will not contain the Hostel 2 exclusive from the day of release, only including it after a couple of weeks have passed - the way Pixar originally added the outtakes to their films, for example.

I know, I know - I'm sceptical too.

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