Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lookey Here, Lars Fans

Variety have today announced that Lars Von Trier’s latest film will contain the latest innovation in interactive entertainment: The Lookey. Far from being a tricksy old-school gimmick like The Tingler or Smell-o-Vision, The Lookey is described by Trier as "a mind game that will enhance the audience’s involvement in the cinematic experience". And how does it work? Well, throughout the film a number of ‘visual disturbances’ will manifest themselves in such a way as to appear out of context. The audience are invited to play along by spotting these visual anomalies - the first lucky looker will win themselves a cash prize and the chance to appear as an extra in Lars’ upcoming horror film Anti-Christ.

So far, so Peter Greenaway - but what on earth does he mean by 'visual disturbance'? Will it be something akin to the legendary flash-frames in British sit-com The Young Ones? Or are we to expect the kind of gratuitous errors lately typical of fellow Scandinavian Lukas Moodysson? I guess we will have to wait until The Boss Of It All hits cinemas to get a lookey for ourselves.

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