Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gervais Attempts To Be Funny, Fails.

Here's something to celebrate the launch week for the Wii here in the UK.

Hot on the heels of his voiceover work in the
Scarface: The World Is Yours game, Ricky Gervais displays his ignorance in several gaming matters in an online interview. Be warned – you may be moved to abandon all reason and destroy whichever computer device you are using.


Spence said...

Man give him a break, he's clearly not a hardcore gamer and had trouble expressing himself.. he's overheard some people talking about the pace of strategy games and linked it to the pace of Tomb Raider.
No big deal.

If you're gonna pick on anyone pick on Chris Moyles.. he says 2D games on the 360 look better than Nintendo.

Anonymous said...

I think he may have been in character. As an idiot.

Brendon said...

I agree, Spence, that Moyles knows little or nothing about videogames.

But the fact remains - and as far as this goes, I'll back Hog's piece up all the way - Gervais was trying to be funny and he did fail.


As usual.