Monday, December 04, 2006


You may have noticed a couple of things different at film ick over the last couple of days. Firstly, the number of posts has dropped significantly from what has been, for the last month or two anyway, the norm; and secondly, some of the entries have appeared not with my byline 'Brendon' at the bottom but bearing instead the name of one 'Hog'.

I've been very busy since Thursday, both shooting and latterly editing a music video for the band Paperlung. It was a very low budget video indeed, so it is requiring quite a lot of effort - both from me and a large number of other very kind folk. As a result, I've been away from the controls of film ick for almost four solid days.

To make sure that something was appearing, I decided now was the time to bring some fresh faces to the fore. Hog is the first of what will, hopefully, become a small-ish team of dedicated film ickers. I'm not actually going anywhere - and in fact, after a couple of days more video editing, I'll be able to grasp the reins tightly again - but with a team of us here there's no reason why film ick shouldn't cover even more stories and do so even more quickly. I think news should be new, and keeping the content fresh and up to date here is an absolute priority.

The online premiere of the Paperlung video should - all things being well - happen within the week, and I'll make sure the link goes up here on film ick first of all.

To make identifying the entries written by the various team members more clear, I think I'll pilot a coloured text scheme. Scroll down the front page right now and you'll probably notice Hog's entries are in a different hue than my standard black. He's got a very good little piece coming any minute now - breaking down the new Inland Empire trailer for you, explaining how it all fits into the movie if not - exactly - what it all means.

The invitation for more team members still stands. Drop me a line if you're keen and we'll see what we can work out.

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