Monday, December 04, 2006

Return Of The Luc

Gallic blockbuster machine Luc Besson is looks set to redeem his box office status after his 10th feature film Arthur and the Invisibles - based on his own series of children’s books - clocked up a staggering 7,200 admits at the Rex cinema, Paris, at its November 29th premiere. Whilst the film isn’t likely to dent the US box-office, only getting a limited release from the Weinstein Company on December 15th, it looks set to give the likes of Happy Feet and Flushed Away a festive run for their money in Europe.

Glowing with delight at this success the filmmaker has already started talking about a sequel, despite having announced that the $86 million CG and live-action fantasy was to be his swansong - he’s even gone as far to announce a June shooting date. After a disappointing hiatus where his often superb scripts became dumping grounds for the works of lesser directors, perhaps this newly invigorated Besson will start to find the director’s chair a comfortable place to be once again.

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