Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oliver Stoned, Nick Parked

Oliver Stone was due to award the Best Comedy Film Award at the ITV1 Comedy Awards last night... but he ran late - very late - and the award didn't get handed out on the main show at all. Instead, it was only shown on the later ITV2 show - US viewers, be aware that ITV1 is a much watched channel, ITV2 most certainly is not.

But that's certainly not the best of it. Taking the stage, Stone made a very bad taste topical reference to a series of currently unsolved prostitute murders that appear to be the work of a serial killer, saying something like "I see it's Jack the Ripper time here again".

Possibly to avenge this, or possibly because he was starstruck and genuinely mistaken, Nick Park took the stage to receive his award and told Stone "Full Metal Jacket is one of my favourite films!" - to which Stone replied, clearly not pleased, "I did Apocalypse Now".


Anonymous said...

Didn't Stone direct Platoon? Maybe he was so star-struck at meeting Nick Park that he thinks he's Coppola ...

Brendon said...

Er... yeah. Boom boom.

I think Stone was just being snide and snarky - what a surprise!