Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pixar's Short Circuit

One message on one messageboard [EDIT: Pixar Planet?] started it all, and eventually it trickled down to here: some new news fragments - tiny specks of dust, really - about Pixar's W.A.L - E.

(Note: I have dropped one L since last I mentioned it, to reflect a shift in common references to the film)

Here are the compiled details: the star of the film is a robot. He is called W.A.L - E, pronounced Wally. His story takes place (at least partially) in deep space. The plot has been compared to Short Circuit. Apparently, Pixar have pointedly avoided the inclusion of any alien life forms. A teaser featuring W.A.L - E is being prepared and will, as expected, premiere with Ratatouille. Andrew Stanton is the director.


Anonymous said...

Another story stolen by Film Ick. No links to the places you got the story. Shameful. Even more shameful that people are actually giving you credit for it, when it's not yours.

Brendon said...

I'm sorry anonymous, but I was just quoting the contributors who e-mailed me saying "There's something growing on the messageboards..." - and the messageboard links they provided, and I would otherwise have included, simply came up with a "You Must Be Logged In" page. If you care to add a comment showing where you think the story originated, then at least I'll know what you're on about and be able to check it out and possibly edit the text of the post.

Anonymous said...

I think Pixar Planet had the scoop.

Here's the link: