Friday, December 15, 2006

Tarzan Joins 3993 In Pushing Mountains Of Madness Over Horizon

[EDIT: Read this through to the very end. Some exciting twists and turns lie ahead.]

Yet another project has been added to Guillermo del Toro's slate, and once more, his Mountains of Madness adaptation is to suffer as a result. Reports are stacking up online that Hellboy 2 will be followed by a fresh take on Tarzan, and with 3993 then scheduled as the final part of del Toro's informal trilogy of Spanish Civil War stories (after The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth), there's likely to be some wait before Mountains can get a look in.

Don't worry about the possibility of Deadman pushing the project back even further - del Toro definitely won't be directing that one, just producing and, from what I've been told, it won't be long now before the actual director is announced. Whoever it is, they're going to get their start on the project by filming a three minute trailer for the film, funded by Warner Bros. and scripted by del Toro. If only I could find out who it is...

[EDIT: Don Murphy has stepped in to sort out this game of chinese whispers of which I was on the recieiving (blunt) end. Apparently, the 3-minute trailer will be for Mountains, not Deadman (he should tell that much to the other sites now beginning to report the story too). And, officially anyway, we're not in danger of a Deadman director being announced any time soon. Also according to Don - and this is great news - Mountains definitely follows Hellboy 2, and Tarzan is the project left way back there on a low simmer. Don has made no mention of 3993... perhaps it is completely off of his radar? Can anybody else chip in on that one?]


Anonymous said...

Y'know, I'd have thought DEADMAN was one of those comic book concepts that wouldn't really translate to the medium of film.

But then, I thought that of HELLBOY too, and that worked.

Don Murphy said...

You are way confused.
Deadman is just in script stage. No director on the horizon.
Mountains is the three minute trailer.
Mountains DEF. follows Hellboy 2. Tarzan is a screenwriting job that even he is not sure when he gets to it.

Brendon said...

Thanks Don.

Anonymous said...

The 3 minute trailer is NOT for Deadman but Del Toro's Mountains of Madness.

Warner Bros. is funding a trailer for that film so they can determine how expensive the final project will be and how marketable a film such as that one will be.

Also, Warner Bros. is not in the business of providing what basically amounts to a film school by choosing a director and funding their reel.

Your source was wrong. I work in development at Warners and Del Toro's name comes up quite a bit in terms of different properties the studio has active and in the pipeline. Another thing the studio is paying close attention to is the upcoming awards season. If Del Toro's Pan Labyrinth can "pan" out with some significant awards, expect Warners to loosen up their belts and give Del Toro the financial "respect" afforded to other directors currently in the fold here.

Don Murphy said...

advice taken