Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where Is Narnia Now?

There's been much ado over the last day or so about shooting on the next Narnia film (yawn) being set for the UK, and not - as was previously expected - New Zealand. As it finally shakes out, some shooting will be taking place down under, just not to the extent previously assumed. Plaintiffs yelped about lost New Zealand jobs while of course neglecting to mention the English craftspeople who would instead benefit. Wherever camp Narnia lays its hat, there's going to be work for people - and shooting in two locations can only mean more jobs, if smaller jobs, over all, surely?

Of course, there's also a third shooting location to be considered - and as I can see, it hasn't been reported at all yet. Prague's Barrandov studios will also be playing host to the Prince Caspian crew. Again, what size slice of the pie they will be served, I do not know (likely less than the UK, more than New Zealand) - but if the Limeys vs. Kiwis story is such a hot topic, I thought I better at least throw this into the mix too.

Now fight it out amongst yourselves, nationalists.

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