Monday, January 08, 2007

Abrams' Bad Karma

Brett Love at TV Squad has had a look at J J Abrams' lousy track record - at least as far as TV is concerned - and shared his findings. I'm not qualified to discuss the financial returns of his cinematic offerings, and the currently glitching search function at Box office Mojo isn't helping either, but I could chip in just a little on the quality of his films.

Abrams does okay, most of the time. He's a better writer than he is a director, that's for sure - but the same is true of Joss Whedon, and he doesn't get criticised much round here, I have to admit. To be honest, the quality of films written by Abrams' is pretty much in keeping with what you'd expect from their respective directors.

For example, Mike Nichols' Regarding Henry isn't bad at all, and neither is John Dahl's Joy Ride/Roadkill, but Steve Miner's Forever Young is really quite awful.

This might suggest that Bad Robot need to hire some stronger directors for their TV shows, but of course, the hierarchies and power structures on a weekly hourlong and a feature film are so different, that argument wouldn't hold much water. Maybe then, the next logical argument, is to suggest these power structures change too.

Pipedream, I know.

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