Monday, January 08, 2007

Sony Unveil Full Spider-Man 3 Sequence

Sony have shown a full sequence from Spider-Man 3 to the lucky attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show. Apparently, the scene was mastered to represent the quality of Blu-Ray as well as hype the upcoming super 3quel.

From what I've been told, the sequence shown comes pretty early in the film. I'm going to describe it, and fill in some of the gaps, but be warned: here be SPOILERS.

The sequence begins with Peter and MJ on a date in Central Park, shortly after Peter has picked up the symbiote for the first time (not that he knows it yet). For once, Peter has actually made it to see MJ performing and she's absolutely over the moon about this and, for his part, Peter's feeling quite proud about it too. This pride is only going to bloom, and ultimately, it's going to cause Peter all manner of problems.

The next scene shown reveals the nature of the ring we've been seeing so much of in the trailers. It was Aunt May's wedding ring, and she gives it Peter to offer to MJ. How sweet. Now... you'll be careful with that ring, won't you Peter?

And then comes along what many people will consider the meat to go with those two veg. Hitting the streets on his scooter, Peter is ambushed by Harry in his Goblin X-treme get up. The breakdown of the scene as screened varies slightly from my previous intelligence on the sequence, but there were plenty of matches too. Harry uses a couple of swords to attack Peter, and blades mounted on his limbs, as well as updated Pumpkin bombs. He's not holding back. Finally, Peter pulls a 'clothesline' trick on Harry with some webbing and young Mr. Osbourne is put down for the count. He's out cold - and that's where the scene ends.

Want to know what happens next? Peter takes Harry to the hospital, effectively saving his life. And then there's much ado about that ring.

Frankly, I can't wait. Spider-Man 3 (the best film of 2007?) finally reaches screens on May 4th - less than four months away!

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